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What Seal albums have been released?

To date, Seal has released three albums, the first two of which are called "Seal" and the third "Human Being".
In a bid to avoid confusion, the first two albums are referred to as Seal (Debut album) and Seal (Second album), or simply Seal1 and Seal2.

For the full discography please refer to the Anthology section of the Future Love Paradise web site.

Seal (debut album)
Release date: May 1991

Track listing:

  1. The Beginning
  2. Deep Water
  3. Crazy
  4. Killer
  5. Whirlpool
  6. Future Love Paradise
  7. Wild
  8. Show Me
  9. Violet
Seal (second album)
Release date: May 1994

Track listing:

  1. Bring It On
  2. Prayer for the Dying
  3. Dreaming in Metaphors
  4. Don't Cry
  5. Fast Changes
  6. Kiss From a Rose
  7. People Asking Why
  8. Newborn Friend
  9. If I Could
  10. I'm Alive
  11. Bring It On (Reprise)
Human Being
Release date: November 1998

Track listing:

  1. Human Beings
  2. State Of Grace
  3. Latest Craze
  4. Just Like You Said
  5. Princess
  6. Lost My Faith
  7. Excerpt From
  8. When A Man Is Wrong
  9. Colour
  10. Still Love Remains
  11. No Easy Way
  12. Human Beings Reprise

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