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Was Seal involved in a shooting?

Yes, here is an excerpt for the Cyber Sleaze report detailing the situation;

Thursday June 16 , 1994
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English pop singer and Good Samaritan SEAL had a close call when a Los Angeles policeman held a gun to his head on the city's famous Sunset Boulevard recently. The singer had inadvertently stepped out of a coffee shop into a shooting, where a club-goer had just been shot by an over-zealous security guard. But police thought Seal was the gunman. Seal says,"I found myself walking over an unconscious body. "I went to roll him over because I thought he had passed out drunk and didn't want him to choke. Then I found a cop with a Winchester at my head."
Cyber-Sleaze is copyright 1994 by CurryCo Ltd.
Cyber Sleaze, Adam Curry

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