30th April 1999

For some months now there have been murmurings surrounding the release of Seal's next single. The most often suggested track is "Lost My Faith", which has even had a promo single released.

Now the rumours have been confirmed following the movie release of the action thriller "Entrapment", starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. However, following viewings by other Seal fans, the track is hardly instrumental (sorry!) to the movie. Much like "Kiss From A Rose", which was a runaway hit after featuring at the end of the credits to the movie "Batman Forever" (the scene featuring the track was allegedly cut for brevity), "Lost My Faith" can only be heard after sitting through most of the movies end credits. The track is infact a remix, featuring a different keyboard arrangement. Strangely, it does not appear to feature on the soundtrack released through BMG & Restless Records, though this appears only to be the music score album, and there are no details regarding a single release date.
You can probably catch the video, which features Seal and Ms. Zeta-Jones leather-clad and ready for a spot of cat burglary, on VH-1 (or MTV if hell freezes over)

Many thanks to Mike Alleyne, Dave Hovenden & Matthew Medlock for information about the movie and video.

Official Entrapment website (no soundtrack details)