5th July 1999

Following FLP's last news item regarding a rumoured cancellation, Seal's tour has been going strong, and a second leg was announce to begin in Chicago on July 10th.
Now FLP has learned that this second leg has been cancelled. To sayt he least, this is quite a blow to many fans in the cities where Seal was scheduled to perform, as many had been eagerly awaiting a performance within their locality.

It's been mooted that this leg of the tour was dropped due to poor tickets sales. If this is indeed the case, surely the lack of interest at the box offices can only be attributed to the paltry amount of backing from Seal's record company, Warner Bros. From the very release of the album, which was super Tuesday, possibly the worst choice of release dates, the lack of promotion on TV and radio has been glaring. Of the few times we have heard or seen Seal, it's been a live appearances from the man, doing his own promotional leg work. All over the world fans have been reporting a lack of airplay for the singles - I personally have yet to hear the single Human Beings played once on UK radio.

For this pitiful support of such an outstanding album from an established and even revered artist, FLP would like to send a heartfelt 'thanks' to Warner.
Please note: there may be toxic levels of sarcasm in that final paragraph