5th May 1999

With the start of Seal's North American tour impending, there's rumour flour drifting from the mill that is suggesting the tour is infact to be cancelled.
To date FLP has heard no comment either way, though in his daily diary, Seal's bass player for the tour, Tony Levin writes...

"Oddly, I'm hearing rumors that the tour has been cancelled. I say 'oddly; because the band is flying to L.A. this weekend for a week of production rehearsals before the first shows, and Iíve heard no word of any changes in the tour dates. Iíve had some mail from Seal fans who tell me they also have a hard time getting up to date info about his plans. Iíll continue to post the newest tour info here on the page"
As you can see, even the insiders know nothing about this 'cancellation', so it's safe to say that at this time it is no more than a rumour. If you wish to check with the venue, you can find many contact details for confirmed venues on the FLP '99 tour page.

Visit Tony Levin's site.