16th November 98

To celebrate the release of Seal's latest album, FLP has thrown its own decorating party.
To bring it up to date with the features of the latest web browsers, and to aid navigation around the site, it has been treated to redesign with the help of frames, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets. Of course, the site should still look attractive in the older web browsers.
Sadly, the launch of the new look may be lost on most people, as the site has been temporarily moved to a busier server, which will result in a reduction in page loading speed. See the last news article for details.
The FLP is, or course, a site for every admirer of Seal's work, so if you have trouble using to site because of the changes, please contact us explaining when, where and what happened to cause you discomfort during your visit.
The Future Love Paradise site will be subject to ongoing upgrades and development over the coming months, so expect more treats.