12th November 98

It's a bitter-sweet day for the Future Love Paradise. Since the web site was conceived in 1994, it has grown from humble beginnings. Starting out from its HTML1.0 origins of grey backgrounds and everything left-aligned, living on the Yale University account of fellow Seal fan Ari Edelson, the site has bloomed. Thanks to the help of other fans from around the globe, the Future Love Paradise has developed into a huge site containing almost everything a Seal fan could hope to discover.
It has even undergone a couple of face lifts, the last being the addition of a better navigation system and the 'Fly Like An Eagle' welcome page it currently boasts.

With the release of Seal's new album almost upon us, I decided it was time FLP was brought into the age of HTML4.0, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets. The designs have been laid out, and much of the site has been converted. However, one things is set to scupper the success the new look FLP - namely, your enthusiasm for Seal.
The web space FLP occupies is part of my standard dial-up account. As you might expect from such a service, there are limitations. Thanks to the success of the FLP web site, my bandwidth limit has been breached massively in the last 7 days, no doubt due to the increasing interest in the new album. The has meant that Future Love Paradise has been temporarily moved to the 'Resource Limited' server - basically, the response time has increased and data transfer speeds have dropped hugely.

This limitation will put something of a damper on the launch of the new look FLP, but please bear with me. I have put into action some contingency plans, hence the restructuring of the news page, and hopefully the site will return to it former speed by next month.

Thanks for your ongoing support, your emails are always gratefully received - even if I don't manage to reply to them all.
One day I'll be able to afford that dedicated server.

Love & Life,