8th September 98

Confusion reigns as a multitude of speculative release dates for Seal's third album come from as many sources.
Friends of FLP with contacts in music distribution channels began contacting this site in early August, reporting that Warner were to ship Seal's third album, entitled 'Human Beings', on October 13th. At this time the Warner Bros. web site had release dates running up to August 25th, and with no response from their rep's email address there was no verification of this date.
Shortly afterward, there came the not-so surprising news of a backward step in release information. Now music magazines in the States were going to press with a release in October/November. Sounds iffy to me...
Other fans have contact me with details from various music news organs, informing me of reported release dates of 29th September and 9th October, with many other publications reporting that 'October' seems to be the likely month. Now we have a report of Rolling Stone magazine stating that a November release is the latest.
All this information, where ever the music press appears to have gotten its details from, seems to be a moot point. At publication, Warner's pitiful web site now has new releases running up 'til October 20th with no mention of Seal to be seen.
For those who appreciate Seal's music, the best option is that of the now familiar wait-and-see tactic. We did it for the second Seal album, so we'll do it again. However, unlike the vigil for the second album, more people have access to the internet where they're assualted by a myriad of false release dates and other rumours. It can sure try the patience at times.
One thing is for sure. When we have hard details regarding the release date, the Future Love Paradise web site will be sure to let you know. Heck, you'll have a hard to time shutting me up!

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