12th January 2005

Killer 2005 cover art
Killer 2005 cover art
January 4th saw the release of the 2005 re-release and remix of Seal's classic hit, Killer. The original, recorded with Adamski 15 years ago, was released without a cover credit to Seal, but put Seal in the enviable position of being unsigned and sought after when the single was a massive summar club hit. Seal went on to include the hit on his acclaimed debut album, where the single version was treated to numerous remixes.

More recently, and mostly forgotten thankfully, dance act ATB covered the track.

You may be reading this and thinking "January 4th was days ago, it's old news." Well, it is, and it isn't. It's been something of a stealth release, as WB say it's been released, but your unlikely to find it at Tower, Virgin or When you do find it at dance specialist stores, you might just find it's out of stock!

If you get yor hands on a copy, you'll be treated to remixes of Killer by the like of Peter Rauhofer, who recently remixed Get It Together. There are also two new remixes of Seal's debut track, Crazy.

FLP has had a brief listen to the samplers, and it's certain that the Rauhofer and Morel mixes are prime club-fodder.

It's great to hear Seal back in club anthem mode. Perhaps we'll get some reworked mixes of more recent material?

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