27th June 2003

Last week FLP tempted you with news that a new single was undergoing the remix treatment. We can now confirm that New York-based producer and DJ Peter Rauhofer is currently working on a remix of what is expected to be the first single from the album, "Get it Together".

During his career, Peter has worked with musical luminaries such as Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Elton John, Brandy and Jennifer Lopez.

FLP contacted Peter to confirm this news, and dismiss the possibility that it was all a dream.

"The song is called 'Get It Together' and is produced by Trevor Horn. The original version sounds very Curtis Mayfield meets Marvin Gaye.", Peter said.

The mix is to be called "Peter Rauhofer's Classic Club Mix" and, in his words, "is very old skool sounding.". Clocking in at 128bpm, this is great news for the long-term Seal fan, many of whom share a passion for Seal's early remixes such as the rare Future Love EP. Peter continued that the mix has "A lot of strings and synths with a simple house beat. My mix mainly has a very 'classic house' appeal which fits very well with Seal's amazing voice". Join the club, Peter. I think we all agree.

Peter's take on the forthcoming Seal album? "Absolutely outstanding. Seal never sounded as soulful as on this album, and there are a lot of potential hits on there". A fan of Trevor Horn since the early ZTT days, he believes that Horn is the perfect producer for Seal.

The release of a strong, back-to-basic dance track for Seal is a positive note. Being backed up by a clubber-friendly mix, means Seal's music will get into the heads of a new generation club goers, onto more radio stations and straight back into the mainstream.

You can expect to hear the track in clubs and on radio stations across the US in July, when Warner Reprise will be shipping promos.

Thanks to Paul Eley for bringing this news to our attention.
Special thanks to Peter Rauhofer for taking time out for us.