31st March 2002

Future Love Paradise, the web's most comprehensive Seal site, is proud to welcome its 250,000 visitor. This site, which is still the original and the best source for Seal information, has come under fire in recent months for its lack of news regarding the eternally forthcoming album, Togetherland, and Seal himself. I'll go on record to say that I believe there hasn't been anything really newsworthy in the last few years, let alone months. Sure, there's the occasional charity event here, or TV commercial there, but they're hardly blow-your-socks-off developments in the world of Seal. The fact that FLP has had over a quarter of a million visitors through its front page is a testament to depth and richness of the FLP's content and the unending loyalty of those visitors.

Whether Togetherland or any other Seal material sees the light of day, and by that I mean via the mainstream channels; radio, TV and record stores, Future Love Paradise will be here, hold aloft a torch for Seal's past work and his future endeavours, what ever they might be.

The visitor logging has only been in place since July 1997, shortly after FLP moved hosting to its present location. The site was originally located on servers at Yale University, under the account for Ari Edelson, and received its first visitors in late 1994.

The actual figure probably stands nearer the 500,000 mark, as the first few years were the most active. Strangely, as the internet has grown more popular, interest in Seal on the various newsgroups and fora has diminished. The passion among the early online fans seemed so much more intense. Maybe were all just maturing, with other things to take up our time. One can only hope that some day soon there'll be something new to stoke up those fires. Despite this the site has, at its busiest, shifted over 80 Mbytes of data on busy days - not bad for a site that doesn't peddle MP3, movies or antying greater than a few dozen Kbytes!

Perhaps one day I'll get those images online. Perhaps I'll publish the rare "Out on the Void" fanzines I have. Perhaps I'll complete the content management system that will make FLP one of the most advanced fan-based out here. Perhaps.

Until then, whether you're Ari, Kyle or one of the first FLP visitors, whether you're just a regular Seal fan or even Seal himself, drop me a line, call or text me [+44 (0)771-8585-683] and let me know how you keep the embers burning under that dark blanket of ash.