29th June 2002

Last week FLP tempted you with details of the latest Seal release once we give the nod, but was beaten to the punch by old school media - radio.
To almost everyone in the UK, Pete Tong is known not only for being the man whose name has become synonymous with things that aren't right, but also for presenting the "official start to the weekend", The Essential Selection. Every Friday evening Pete eases revellers into a weekend of partying with the latest dance tracks, including a handful of "Essential New Tunes".

This Friday, after possibly years of absence, Seal's voice graced Radio 1's frequencies thanks to his work with the excellent Jakatta, and the fruits of their collaboration "My Vision". The track was honoured with the "Essential New Tune" title, and will almost certainly feature every week on The Essential Selection from now until after the single is release. The single's release date has yet to be announced, but FLP will keep hammering on the door of PR team 'til we have it, so you can be sure to find the UK release details here.

Anyone not familiar with the works of Jakatta has probably been living under a rock someplace. Dave Lee, the man behind Jakatta, was earlier this year responsible for the astonishingly popular "American Dream". The track, which was originally titled "American Booty", borrows Thomas Newman's music from the 1999 blockbuster movie "American Beauty", and works the film's haunting melodies into a outstanding dance tune.

Proving this wasn't a one-off, Jakatta followed up reviving Monsoon's 1982 track, "Ever So Lonely", with more than a lick of up-beat paint.

FLP can't help but notice that the collaboration brings Seal something of a full circle. In 1990 the then-unsigned Seal wrote and provided vocals to Adamski's #1 single "Killer", positioning Seal for a spectacular career launch. If we dare to use Jakatta's past performance in the clubs, bars and record stores to gauge the success of "My Vision", expect Seal to be firmly back on the lips of clubbers, the fickle radio programmers and the public at large, and ready for another great career break.