13th September 2002

No, it's not exam result time. Well, surely it is for some, but this isn't it! The BBC figure pretty highly in the realm of global media. If it's not news or TV content, it's music programming. Heck, they even have a pretty good little web site.

For those who don't know, after all some people do live under stones, the BBC has a national UK popular music station, Radio 1. As with virtually every station, their enlightened programmers pick the singles that they feel are going to be popular to form their playlist. Self-fulfilling prophecy or not, these tracks will feature regularly in their shows and are broken down into "C-list", "B-list" and "A-list", with "C" being less frequent and "A" being most. By most, we mean every 15 mintutes. Okay, maybe not quite so regularly, but you get the drift.

Over the last few weeks FLP's has been watching the appearance and progress of the new Jakatta featuring Seal single. Pete Tong, he of the Essential Selection, adopted the track very early and was pushing the it heavily, even appointing it as one of his "Essential New Tunes". It finally broke through on the regular schedule and bubbled around the "C-list" for a few weeks, then jumped into the "B-list" for a fortnight.

This week we're happy to announce that "My Vision" has at last been upgraded to "A-list".

What does this mean for you? Well it means you're going to be hearing a damn sight more of it. If you're not in the UK, you can listen to Radio 1 live over the interweb. The single is also on heavy rotation on Galaxy 105. FLP will continue to keep tabs on airplay. Furthermore, with the video now nestling in the VHS player, we'll soon have a web-ready version for your delection.

Remember, you can contact FLP to let us know the if you've heard the track. Alternatively, call or SMS on +44 (0)771-8585-683