1st October 2002

Jakatta "My Vision"

Had dance producer Dave Lee stuck to his original name, he would unquestionably be one of the most famous DJs in the music business.

As it happens, he's used so many monikers during his two decades in the industry (releasing over 100 releases and remixes) that it's almost impossible to follow his prolific and incredibly successful career.

The man better known under his Joey Negro, Raven Maize and The Hed Boys guises, has re-assumed his Jakatta moniker for this collaboration with Seal.

While the last Jakatta single, "Ever So Lonely", failed to equal the success of "American Dream", "My Vision" finds the Isle Of Wight-born Lee back on top form.

In many respects, the track is akin to his American Beauty-inspired debut, as it's an airy, orchestral slice of chillout house with former Adamski protégée Seal adding a welcome extra dimension.

Source: Yahoo, 25th September 2002