20th December 2001

Anybody who's read interviews or conversations with Seal will be well aware of his love of technology, particularly his Mac. Who can blame him? Apple have long had one of the world's strongest design teams. The evidence is "clear" from the shear number iMac-a-like products available in a rainbow of translucent hues.

Obviously proud of his new toy, Seal can be found in Apple's latest iPod video singing the praises of the new iPod. Apple's new baby oozes the usual style and class. Strangely the iPod is being pitched as simply another MP3 player, when in fact it's a portable data storage device. No doubt Seal will find the ability to transfer his material from his laptop, to a desktop and a studio the "must have" reason to own an iPod.

Up until recently the iPod was only of use to Mac users, as Apple has only developed a Mac version of the software used to transfer data to the iPod. A shrewd move indeed. Now, however, PC owners can rush out an buy an the iPod thanks to the independently developed "xPod" software.

So see Seal talking about his iPod, visit Apple's iPod pages