17th July 2000

News has been scarce for the last year, and all things Seal were looking bleak. Here at FLP we don't pretend that there's something newsworthy afoot, so the site has had little update too. This has been compounded by the fact that the editorial staff, namely me, Gareth Edwards, have been somewhat busy with business ventures of the online commerce variety.

Just what has that got to do with FLP, you ask. Well, quite a lot. My work time, which extends into the evening, as my fiancee will loudly attest to, has scuppered the time I usually invest in FLP.
However, there is an upside to this. While I'm busy flying the corporate flag and building database-driven intranets, I'm also planning out how to use these skills to database-enable FLP.
If dynamic, searchable, cross-referenced, lyrics, concerts, discography and multimedia doesn't get you interested, how about a Seal portal, where you can configure the contents of the main page to your each an every whim?

Sound like fantasy?
It's not. It's do-able, and with enough spare time, it's imminent.

Keep watching.

...and if you're involved with Seal, his agency or record label, how about helping FLP out with news, press material, etc?