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The lyrics section of Future Love Paradise has transcriptions to all tracks featuring Seals vocal talents, with the exception of just a few hard to find tracks.

It's probably one of the most talked about sections of the site, which can no doubt be attributed to the fact that Seal makes a point of not including the lyrics to his songs in the liner notes of the albums and singles.

Because of this, we're all left to speculate - which is Seal's intention. These lyrics are not in any way deemed correct. They are the interpretation of the transcriber - thus the debate regarding their validity that ensues!

If you cannot find the transcription for a particular track or you happen to have any "unreleased" tracks that aren't included, please get in touch and I'll try to fix this for you.

If you feel that any lyrics are incorrect, don't just mail me, tell everyone. One of the best places for a debate about all that is lyrical is the UseNet newsgroup. If your service provider doesn't support this group, why not try Google who support the group