Seal on NBC's StudioNoir
February 7th 1996

Host NBCmike:
So you're all comfortable..
Seal has arrived and we're almost set to start!
Before we go on, let's just bring you up to date on Seal:

Seal made his splash in 1991 with the hit single "Crazy" & a dance record made with Adamski -- and the debut album "Seal." With a smooth, clear voice that straddles the line between soul and rock, and looks and charisma to spare, he was hailed instantly as a new British pop sensation.
In 1994, Seal released his second album, again titled "Seal." It was produced by Trevor Horn.
In addition to topping the charts, Seal has received several awards. At the Brit Awards in 1992, Seal picked up trophies in nearly every category. At the Grammys telecast from Radio City Music Hall that same year, he was nominated for "Best New Artist" and performed live.
"The best thing that came out of the Grammys," Seal recalls, "was that I did an interview for the "L.A. Times" and for the umpteenth time I was asked about my musical influences and for the umpteenth time I said I really like Joni Mitchell and reeled off this whole piece on why." Two months later, he received flowers and a note reading: "Thanks for appreciating the work. Love, Joni." Mitchell and Seal later met and collaborated on the song "If I Could."
Another song from Seal's second album, "Kiss from a Rose," was featured in the sound track to the movie "Batman Forever."
When not producing hit records, Seal is into snowboarding and all manner of electronic gadgetry. He's even known to surf the Net.

Seal_Live has been made a participant.

Host NBCmike: Seal has just joined us in the NBC's Club Noir and he's ready to answer your questions!
Seal, you're now online! Welcome.

Seal_Live: Hi everyone, I'm happy to be here... glad you could join me.

RTCdirect: When can we expect to see a new video and/or album and will you include more purely acoustic songs? (The ones you performed on tour were incredible!)

Seal_Live: I'll always do acoustic songs on EPs and B-sides and also an acoustic album at some point. But the next album will be finished later this year, and we'll see how that goes, which will determine when the following album will be released.

Scalding: Seal, are you a man of deep faith, your songs are very spiritual, they seem to show an optimism about the future, is this true?

Seal_Live: Yes, in a word. Yes, I think it's important to be positive in a world that doesn't allow you to be as positive and optimistic as you should be.

Host NBCmike: A global question from my home country: How much do you owe to the Batman movie for your success in the States?

Mauro Napodano from Rome Italy

Seal_Live: Well the Batman movie was very good for me and it gave my material a lot of exposure which would have been a bit difficult to get without it, but it was about that time that I released Kiss From A Rose and I think the two benefited from each other.
Joni has influenced me a great deal, both lyrically and as a role model.

smackd: Seal, what sort of voice training have you had? - any formal training?

Seal_Live: Yes, I have had formal training, especially when I was about to embark on my American tour, the kind of training I had made sure that my voice would sustain 75 shows.

Erik in DC: Your '95 tour had a 70's flare in the music. What edge will your next album have?

Seal_Live: First, I wasn't aware that it did have a 70s flare. My next album may not have an edge at all.

PFiction: Seal you are my favorite artist. How do you come up with your music?

Seal_Live: Good question... with great difficulty :-) Just kidding!
It varies from time to time... from song to song, etc.

LangHugh: Seal... Can you relay any poignant/humorous moments from your Summer '95 US tour, particularly performing with drummer Earl Harvin?

Seal_Live: Yes, I remember...being on the stage one night, possibly in Dallas, TX and a huge bug the size of a bird flew on stage, right by me. Luckily I didn't see it at that precise moment, but I noticed something was wrong when I heard Earl, who is normally a brilliant drummer, miss a beat.
At this point it was when I turned around to see the offending party, whizz pass Earl's ear, and while he was frantically trying to ward it off.
Certainly the most exciting and innovative and happy, I'm honored to be working and playing with him.

Host NBCmike: Texas-size bug!

mookdook: Seal where do you get your inspiration from when you right your songs?

Seal_Live: From everyday life, relationships, accidents, etc...

Sours: Seal, my favorite song for the moment on the CD is Newborn Friend....are you gonna release it as a single and possibly do a video?

Seal_Live: It was released as a single but it didn't do very well.
I don't particularly think it was a good enough song. But thank you for liking it. I'm glad someone does.

Host NBCmike: from NBC's website (www.nbc.com):

I remember your first single ("Killer") from the acid house rave scene. How did that set the stage for the release of your first album?

Seal_Live: Very well, because of "Killer's" refusal to settle into any one particular format.
It left the stage wide open to come forth with an eclectic-type album.

ClarkeFamily: Who is your mentor in the music industry...and why?

Seal_Live: Well, I have a couple...
My living mentor would be my manager, Bob Cavallo, because of his knowledge, experience and grace, but then I have role models, such as: Marvin Gaye for his vision and voice.

ApostlePaul: Seal, do you have an E-Mail or Regular mail address your devoted fans can write you at?

Seal_Live: Yes, Seal@ddv.com

Host NBCmike: From NBC's website (www.nbc.com):
I love "Prayer for the Dying." It's really touched me deeply. What's the true meaning of the song? And can you share the personal experience that pushed you to write/record this song?

Seal_Live: Well, that would be too long to include in this hour/interview, but it is a song about life after death and a song that was intended to help those who were dying or knew people that had died to deal with the event of death.

KRP_Consulting_Services: Have you ever thought about doing a duet with Sade ?

Seal_Live: Yes, I have often been asked this question, but I just haven't got around to taking the initiative.

5555357: Seal-- what has been your most embarrassing experience?

Seal_Live: Well, probably falling, tripping over a stage light in front of 50,000 people in Brazil, right at the beginning of the first number. And if that wasn't bad enough, it was being transmitted live to millions of people throughout South America.

Host NBCmike: more from the web:
What has been your experience, in regards to being a black artist, at home in England vs. here in the US?

Seal_Live: I think black people in general have a better chance of being successful in the US, especially if you're talented in the arts or show some initiative.
But, I'm glad for the recognition and the support that my fans in England gave me in the beginning and continue to do now.
I think that some publications in England have a bit of a hard time working with black artists in general, and I think that it's sad that art & talent should fall prey to racism...

pfiction: "Crazy" has such a great beat how did you come up with such excellent words for so fast a song?

Seal_Live: It came to me in a blinding flash of revelation... just kidding <G>.
The lyrics were inspired by all the things that happened in the world in 1989. Like the Berlin wall coming down, Gorbachev going to meet the pope.

Triple_Crown: Seal, what do you find more gratifying: recognition from award academys like the Grammys, or fan appreciation?

Seal_Live: Both give me great satisfaction. A fan coming up and telling me that they really got a positive feeling from my music and it helped them in some way is just as gratifying as my peers rewarding me for what I have done in the industry.
Both give me tremendous joy.

JimVetter: Are you still working with Wendy and Lisa or were they just partnering with you for the last album?

Seal_Live: They were just partnering with me on my last album. But I'm working with either at the moment.

lnorten: Seal, do you have any advise or encouragement for people who are interested in writing music? It seems that even for the most talented people it requires extreme dedication and concentration.

Seal_Live: My advice would be whatever you choose to do in life, do it with the utmost conviction and if it is to become successful in music, then first ask yourself: what will being successful as a musician mean to you?
Will it bring you happiness? Or at least aid you in your quest for it. And if you come up positive with those answers, then persist and have faith and success will eventually come.

When your time eventually comes -- what would you like to be remembered for?

Seal_Live: Somebody who contributed to the happiness of others :-)

Host NBCmike: THANK YOU for a great chat everyone.
Special thanks to Seal for taking the time off his busy schedules to digitally interact with all of us.

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