Seal at the 38th Grammy Awards

This transcription was taken from the live interview held at the 38th Grammy Awards. The interview was held by Apple using RealAudio technology to feed the proceedings around the world via the Internet.
The interviews with both Trevor Horn & Seal were held soon after Seal was presented with his awards.

RealAudioLive: Are you producing Seal's next album, and if so, when's it due for release?

Trevor Horn: Well, Seal's just in the process of writing his next record. Ya know, he's not like a kinda of er, production line kinda guy. One of the nicest things about Seal are that the songs relate to his life, and if you watched him, you know what all the songs were about. And it's gonna take a while to write it, so I can tell you more in a few months.

RealAudioLive: Seal, we gotta ask you how it feels.

Seal: It feels great, aah. It's a really indescribable feeling. To win 3 of them, especially for Best Song & Best Record is the ultimate accolade, you know I guess it's a show of appreciation by your peers and the music industry at large, and the American people saying that we like what you do and keep on doing it.
So I feel tremendously ellated at the moment

RealAudioLive: I think speaking for all internet users when I say we do like what you do, and please keep doing it. So thanks, appreciated.

Seal: Thank you very much.