Seal on AOL's Cyber-Talk tm
February 6th, 1995

Thanks to Jason Hirschhorn for supplying the following transcription.

OnlineHost : Welcome to CYBER-TALK! CYBER-TALK (TM) is Warner/Reprise Online's weekly interactive talkshow. Each segment of CYBER-TALK (TM) features a different music persona. Hot on the heals of his successful U.S. Tour, SEAL is the featured guest on tonight's Cyber-Talk. SEAL will be available to chat with fans regarding his second self-titled recording which is nominated for 5 grammy awards (including album of the year and best pop album).

Max Warner : Hello everybody. Seal is "Seal live"

WILLBDAD : Seal, How can I obtain liner-notes to your last album? I loved/still love the album....It's the most beautiful thing I have heard in quite sometime.

Seal live : They are on the album! Do you mean liner notes or lyrics?

ChrisS196 : First, Thank you for 2 fantastic & inspiring records. I am eager to know, if you write: primarily on an acoustic guitar. And do you play traditionally or upside down (as I do)........Thanks so much!

Seal live : Primarily on an acoustic and upside down. Without reversing the strings.

DJCAFFEIN : Who do u feel are your musical influences

Seal live : Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Joni Mitchell... lots of people... Zeppelin, Dionne Warwick, Burt Backarack and David.

Jendarme : when are you coming to California to tour?

Seal live : I was here already, I'll be touring again in the end of June in CA.

Edwyn25 : Are you a fan of Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice), Martin Stephenson, Or The Bunnymen (Ian: Mcculloch)?

Seal live : I like the Bunnymen, I don't know the other people you mentioned

Slashback : Are you discouraged by the U.S. audiences, which favor gangster rap, grunge and country?

Seal live : No... That is a massive generalization. Not all the country likes just Gangster Rap, Country and Grung.. even if they did, it would not put me off at all..

Creeper01 : Do you have plans to release a live album?

Seal live : At some point, yes..

SEVODAWG : SEAL - What is Newborn Friend all about?

Seal live : The same things that most of my songs are about..."Searching"

PaytonGRY : will you be coming to Seattle soon?

Seal live : I have been and will return again

Max Warner : All the tour dates are be posted in the Warner forum's, "Artists on Tour" section. When Seal's new dates are announced, they will be in there.

Clipclop : Would you ever work with Youth?

Seal live : If I thought something productive would come out of it.

BEGADOG : Did anyone ever tell you that there is a addictive quality to your music?

Seal live : In various different ways, yes... Thank you.

Hartshorn : Are you planning on calling the next album SEAL as well.

Seal live : I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

DavidV258 : Why did you get bad reviews in New York? I saw you at the Beacon and you were great.

Seal live : Where did you read a bad review. I did not know that there were any.

Candlebox : you mentioned on love phones that you frequently have anxiety attacks, are you still: having them?

Seal live : yes, but they manifest themselves in different ways. They are not as intense as they were.

Seal live : Sawfly... don't you have some work to do for tomorrows performance, instead of being online tonight?

TallFunOn : You write incredible music. The piano version of "Dreaming in Metaphors" is superb and my favorite. Where did this song's inspiration originate from?

Seal live : A relationship... bad communication in a relationship.

Aalbion : Is there any way to get a copy of the lyrics that you sing on any of the albums?

Seal live : Yes, there is a seal songbook... Send inquiries to 9169 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90069

JAHmon : have you considered touring or doing a duet with Sade?

Seal live : Funny you should mention that. I was thinking that the other day. It might be nice to do a duet, or some work with her.

HEYPUMPKI : what movie is featured in the last track of your last album?

Seal live : As violet was being mixed in the studio, Trevor was flipping t.v. channels in the background. I don't know what it actually was, but somebody came up to me on tour and told me that they recognized the sounds. It is a quote from a tv show... I think it was an old English T.V.show

DavidEdmo : How old are you?

Seal live : 32 on the 19th of this month

LinoBum : Is this your first time in "Cyberspace" ?

Seal live : No..

DVGOVSIGC : Are you touring now?

Seal live : No, but may do an appearance on the Grammy's, but that is up to the powers that be..

MOHNBEAM : Seal, Why do we dream in metaphors?

Seal live : Because dreaming logically would be too simple.

Hewhobe : will wendy and lisa be touring with you?

Seal live : Hopefully... Wendy will be.

Adoration : How do you think your lyrics have influenced people?

Seal live : I hope they have given them inspiration. Do you mean other musicians or just people in general?

DKEEBLER : Seal- Did you call that mix of Crazy on the single the "Ckick on My Tip Mix" or was that: your producer's doing?"

Seal live : My producers doing.

StuSup : Seal, I know you probably already answered this, but I was wondering where you were raised.

Seal live : London

JeEgg : When are you next going to be touring in the San Francisco area?

Seal live : Sooner rather than later... Late June, I would guess

RVela1734 : Seal are you enjoying sucess?

Seal live : Yes! More importantly, I am enjoying life, which success has given me an even bigger appurtunity to do..

SecrtSkwr : Seal, what were you doing prior to your opportunity of recording your first album?

Seal live : I had just came back from being in Asia for a year,

Ten80 : What's your real name??

Seal live : Seal Henry Samuel

Grok12 : Seal - Will Trever Horn produce your next album

Seal live : Unless 1995 brings the end of the world.

StelarPe r: If someone were to ask you how you would classify your music, how would you answer?

Seal live : Soul music, in the literal sense of the word. Music from the SOUL.

Ryan 0699: it took two years for your second cd how long for the third?

Seal live : Hopefully a lot quicker. I have a band this time which should make things a lot quicker and more interesting.

Chronic94 : Seal, did you know that on the seventh day god said let there be seal acoustic b sides and there was

Seal live : Flattery will get you everywhere ; )

Lilbear : Why did you name your second album Seal, like the first one?

Seal live : Could not think of a better title at the time

Hartshorn : I notice a smooth transition production/songwriting wise from SEAL to SEAL? How did you accomplish such a tough task?

Seal live : With great difficulty. I tried to stay close to the essence of what I was doing. Luckily that proved to be succesful.

DavidV258 : Why do you call yourself Seal?

Seal live : Why are you called David, is it perhaps your name?

RadioPix : Seal, I'm from Mexico City...any plans to tour this area soon?

Seal live : Absolutely, South AMerican tour planned this year. Keep your ears to the ground or keep on the internet to keep up with the dates. Besides, Louis Miguel is a friend of mine, and I will see him.

HStruckel : What got you into the acting business

Seal live : I am not in the acting business, nor will I ever be... Unless it was a chance to do theatre (or something that did not involve dealing with ego crazed directors).

JOYESH768 : ...but are you married?

Seal live : No, not yet.

JOYESH7680 : Seal, I really think your music is extraordinary and unique and I play it daily--it inspires me!

Seal live : Thank you

Seal live : Is there anything in particuar you want to ask me?

JOYESH7680 : just keep putting out great sounds!

Seal live : Will do.

Chronic 94 : What did you think about George Michael covering your song?

Seal live : I was honored.

DobeGirl : Where are you living now?? do you visit home often?

Seal live : I have no home, I am homeless, can I move in with you.

JAHmon : The beat on "bring it on (Reprise)" wasn't that from a song off the 1st album?

Seal live : No

Jskod : Is Peter Gabriel an influence?

Seal live : I like his music but he is not really an influence.

JPatton81 : Hey Seal, love the new album, do you have a favorite band now?

Seal live : Not really, I have lots of different bands that I like, but no one that is my favorite.

Candlebox : Was it fun touring with Desree?

Seal live : Yes, great fun. She is a lovely girl. All the people that worked with her were great.

SeaWel 31 : The questions you answer online are purely about sales, ticket and record. I'm disappointed, I'm a fan, tell us about you.

Seal live : Are you reading the same transcript? What do you want to know?

Levez : Where did you get the idea for the video for Prayer for the Dying?

Seal live : It was a combination of the director Paul Boyd's idea and mine. I tried to make the video not too indicitive of what the song was about in a literal form... so I ended up doing a straight performance.Also, I am a great fan of classic photography, so the aim was to create a very photographic type video.

Spike 913 : How come your last tour was the 'Bring it On" tour... and you didn't perform that song?:

Seal live : It was called "holding the sun tour." Also, I was not happy with the rendition of "Bring it On" that we were doing. We now perform a much better version. We will play it on the Tonight Show Wed. night.

MikeN619 : I saw you open for the Stones in San Diego. did you enjoy opening for them?

Seal live : yes, It was a toughening experience

Lauren : Seal? Where did all your hair go?

Seal live : I got a hair cut, strangely enough..would you believe it!

SHugo5359 : How many hours a day do you spend writing new material?

Seal live : None.. It depends on how prolific I am feeling. How long is a piece of string.

Pai1vf : How come theres really no big dance hit on this album?

Seal live : Since when was I a Dance act?

RGoo : Are you doing anything acoustic from this new album. Violet acoustic was brilliant. More of this type?

Seal live : Thank you, I am glad you liked it. Probably, and in the future I plan to bring out an acoustic album (double album) with all the classic instruments, cellos, brass, violas, etc...

PSupawani : how did the first album go for you?

Seal live : I can't remember that far back..

Ajiv1961 : You know PRINCE got boo'd when he opened for the STONES years ago....Did you know about: that and did it cross your mind that it might happen to you?

Seal live : I knew about it, but nothing was going to spoil the experience for my band and myself.

ActrWaite : I was suprised to see that you have a very strong sence of humor. Is it from nerves, or are you naturally that way?

Seal live : errr...err....err.....can you ask me the next question.

EricS7296 : how do you like participating in these types of conferences?

Seal live : They can be exciting, if you have a burrito on standbye!

IAN MAL : Any chance of you being in Letterman?

Seal live : I have been already last year... I hope he invites me back again

TallFunOn : Seal, do you plan to explore the technological side of music like Herbie Hancock and Thomas Dolby--such as interactive music online?

Seal live : yes, we are working on it. We will do about three more questions.. Let's get something challenging!

SeaKat247 : Do you have an e-mail address?

Seal live : That's what I would ask if I was out there.... Wouldn't you like to know!! I do have an e-mail address, if you use your loaf, you will figure it out. It is not that difficult.

TerriBil17 : I loved the 2nd album. You don't print your lyrics and I find them fascinating. Do you: write about real experiences exclusively or include some fantasy?

Seal live : I tend to write about my experiences combined with my ideals.

Mike2doit : Hey Seal, do you have any pets?

Seal live : I long for pets, I long to have a dog. It is just that right now, it would not be fair to the dog, I do so much travelling.

Chronic30 : Seal, are you into any other acoustic artists like Paula Cole or Jeffrey Gaines?

Seal live : I am not that keen on Jeffrey Gaines. Somebody turned him onto me thinking that I would automatically like him... But, I am a huge fan of Jeff Buckley.

JCrider7 : Do you like sex.

Seal live : Yes...

Sawfly : What is the meaning of life

Seal live : The meaning of life is "If you don't turn up for rehearsals, your ass is busted!!!) (Sawfly is in the band)

IvelisseC : how do you see your future?

Seal live : Fulfilling my destiny

Seal live : Thank you everyone for joining in. Love life and Happiness for all eternity.. SEAL.

Max Warner : Thanks everybody, see you all next week when Belly joins us.

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