Real Soon Now

2018 Standards UK & Europe Tour
2018 Australia Tour
At worst, you've probably seen him on TV. At best, you've seen him perform in the flesh. If you're really lucky - and have enough patience - you'll get to a gig hours before the doors open, just to position yourself as near to the stage as possible. Only then can you truly appreciate Seal's talent as a live act.
Even with the proliferation of low-cost broadband connections, the Internet is not yet mature enough to offer broadcast quality video streams for the masses. Until then, we'll have to make do with chat rooms and on-line text only conferences. So long as Seal turns up, I'm sure we will.

  • Concert Dates and Reviews
    Anyone who's had the chance to see Seal perform live will no doubt tell you what a fantastic experience it really is. Some of those people have been good enough to write down their thoughts and send them to FLP.

  • On-line Conference Transcriptions
    It's, like, old school text conferences. How quaint.