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I've always been extremely conscious of the fact that 'links' pages are ten-a-penny, and every site, whether worth it's salt or not, has one.
Because of this, I've though long and hard (well, OK, for 5 minutes down at the pub) about having a links page with something a little different. Hopefully you'll find that this is exactly that.

If you're looking to broaden your collection of music, and venture a little outside the comfort of Seal's music, then we have a selection of artists who might well appeal to you in the 'Similar Bands & Artists' section.

For those of you who don't want to leave the solice of Seal's aural artistry, I've searched high and low for the music stores with a difference. Unlike the CDNow's of this world, the online shops in the 'Rare Music Stores' section deal only in rare and collectable items, so you may yet find that CD single you've been searching for!

In the good ol' fashion of the links page, the final section is devoted to 'General Cool Stuff'. From Seal related sites to the weirdest bunch of nutters you've ever seen. Always worth a skeg (slang: 'look').

If you're a dedicated follower of Seal, then you'll no doubt have a growing collection of Seal's albums, singles, promos and other assorted rare items.
As anyone who collects less-then-proliferate material will tell you, finding those elusive items can be a long, arduous task. I've had some luck in locating titles that have been on my wish-list for a while. If you're a collector, it seems only fair to you pointers toward relevant on-line rare & collectable music stores. They may or may not have Seal items in stock when you check, but there's no doubt that at some point Seal items will pass through their catalogues.

  • Matt's CD Singles. A good selection of Seal rarities at some astounding prices.

  • Esprit. Have probably the web's biggest range of Seal titles. Check it out. NOW!

  • Vinyl Tap. Hailing from my home county of Yorkshire, it's been a source of some very rare Seal material. This place is treasure trove of Seal items.

  • CD Europe. Specialises in titles imported from, you guessed it, Europe!. Great for the Seal fan located outside of the EU, still great for those in it. you'll be surprise how many releases you've missed.

  • Action Records. A good cross section of genres, but appears to specialise in indie, rock and dance material. Still worth checking out.

  • Music & Video Exchange. Dealing in everything from books to antiques, MVE has an admirable range of music seconds including some rare Seal vinyls.

  • Vinyl Vendors have, contrary to their name, an excellent selection of both Seal CDs and vinyls. Beware the 15 $US minimum order limit!
As always we're grateful for details of web-based music stores stocking rare Seal material. If you spot any new stores, please contact us.
Some time ago it came to my attention that there are a lot of Seal fans out there who, aside from thinking Seal's one cool musician, also have one more thing in common; the other bands and artist they like are also very similar.
Because of this, you'll find a list of the bands and artist who have a sound and style not a million miles away from Seal's.
If you've never heard of them, why not check out the sites (where applicable) and then check out their music.

Prince Brand New Heavies
Lenny Kravitz Roachford
Lighthouse Family Sade
Jimi Hendrix Terence Trent D'Arby

If you have any suggestions for similar artist, please send FLP an email. Remember to mention how the artist is similar, and if possible, include a web site address where people can find out more.

We can't forget the official Seal site. It's the first place to go for Seal news.

For the greatest selection of Seal images, check out WireImage.

If you want a comprehensive and easily navigable list of artists, then I recommend using Yahoo.

BMI.com has a searchable, 7.5 million strong database of BMI registered song titles including many by Seal.


The video and computer games equivalent of the IMDB, SPOnG.com documents tens of thousands of games from across the world. Backed by the latest news, the site catalogues new games and old with screenshots and artwork, publisher and developer details. You could spend hours just hopping through those fondly remembered oldies.


Want to get the latest skinny, whether rumour or established fact on forthcoming movies? Check out the Corona Coming Attractions at Cinescape

A collobarative effort started by students, now rich thanks to a dotcom acquisition by Amazon, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is a truly essential site for any movie goer or for those times when you just need to know who that actor is and what was that film you last saw him in.

If you want the latest music news, but don't have time to trawl through the thousands of 'news' sites out there, then head on over to VH-1's NewsWire, formerly MusicStation. Each day they take the latest headlines from the best music news sites, and present them in an easy to browse format.

If you want a news site that personalised to your whims and needs, then My Yahoo is undoubtedly the best choice.