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Duets & Collaborations11.Oct.2002

Future Love Paradise is home to the most comprehensive and extensive catalogue of Seal's works and related articles and material. Other sites can only claim to have the definitive Seal catalogue .. by lifting the details from FLP. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that, but the odd link back would nice.

It has been in development since late 1994, with a huge amount of the details kindly supplied by the many admirers of Seal and friends of Future Love Paradise. Many thanks to those individuals, most of whom are listed below.

As is the nature of any catalogue, these pages will always be under construction so long as Seal or his record label are releasing new material.
I've tried to create a format which is easy to read, and include info such as release dates, SKUs, barcodes (EAN/IPC), publisher catalogue numbers, track lengths, and more.

If you have some information which is missing, for example, Japanese versions or national chart details, then please contact us.

Note: The dates to the right of the links indicate when that area was last updated.


I have the following people to thank for helping me compile much of the information in this catalogue of Seal's work. Without these guys the discography would merely be a husk of its present self.
They add the meat to its bones, and deserve a great deal of credit. Cheers guys.
Adam Behringer
for various chunks of info. (Stone Free/Red Hot&Dance plus more)


for the Seal4 track list info

Joseph Basquiat

who appears to be the only person on this planet with the Seal1 songbook, and was good enough to furnish me with the details

Julie Kale

without whom the VH-1 biography would almost certainly have disappeared into oblivion

Joerg Fitzner

for dozens of promo additions and the ID code details to differentiate between the normal and the premix version of Seal1.


For a bunch of "KFaR" remix info and "Lost My Faith" single details.

Peter Lakanen

For details on unreleased mixes of "Crazy" and the "Latest Crazy" white label.
I.M. Fletcher
for the "Doctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy" album details.

Fred Levay

who's lucky enough to have the 'Violet Kisses' bootleg CD, and good enough to supply the details.

Kai-Andre Mauer

German "Get It Together" & Love's Divine, plus US "Waiting For You" and "Get It Together" remix details.

Tomaz Logar

for details of the Zance compilation album.

Joe Piekarski

for all the details of the 'Batman Forever', 'Just Say Anything' & 'VH-1 EZ' compilation albums.

Eric Rusch

for directing me to a great source of promo info.

Craig A. Schiller

for the name/cat/track details of Joni Mitchell's "Turbulent Indigo".

Frits van der Veer

who passed me the details of the Seal Unplugged Bootleg.


If I've forgotten thank you for your trouble helping me create these pages, then please drop me a line and chastise me for such shoddy work.