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Joni Mitchell

Seal first joined forces with Joni (for whom he has great appreciation) on the track "If I Could" from his second album, "Seal";

Seal: Seal (second album)

Following this collaboration, they teamed up again for the track "How Do You Stop" on Joni's album, "Turbulent Indigo".

Joni Mitchell: Turbulent Indigo

    Release Date:


    Catalogue numbers;

      MC: Warner/Reprise Records US (24-57864)
      CD: Warner/Reprise Records US (CDW-57864)

      Track listing;

        1.2:37Sunny Sunday
        2.3:56Sex Kills
        3.4:09How Do You Stop
        4.3:34Turbulent Indigo
        5.3:14Last Chance Lost
        6.4:02The Magdalene Laundries
        7.4:18Not to Blame
        9.5:16Yvette in English
        10.7:07The Sire of Sorrow (Job's Sad Song)