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Ronny's Pop Show
Various Artists

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        Disc 1
        1.4:50Don't Worry - Kim Appleby
        2.2:53Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) - C&C Music Factory
        3.4:313 A.M. Eternal - The KLF
        4.3:11No Coke - Dr. M
        5.4:24(I Gonna Give You) Devotion - Nomad
        6.3:34Love's Burn (Dancemix Radio Edit) - Carl Keaton
        7.3:39Set The Groove On Fire - Splash
        8.4:43Unbelievable - EMF
        9.4:00Wiggle It (Radio Edit) - 2 in a Room
        10.4:07Crazy - Seal
        11.3:48Sucker DJ - Dimples D
        12.4:16Bridge Over Troubled Water - P.J.B. featuring Hannah And Her Sisters
        13.4:42Funky Amadeus - Double W
        14.4:34Can't Help Myself - 2 brothers on the 4th floor
        15.3:45Mea Culpa Part II - Enigma
        16.4:00Hello Africa (Dr. Alban featuring Leila K
        17.3:01Megamix - Black Box
        Disc 2
        1.3:31I Call Yout Name - A-Ha
        2.4:04Nah Neh,NaH - Vaya Con Dios
        3.3:35Where Does My Heart Beat Now - Celine Dion
        4.3:49Blue Hotel - Chris Isaak
        5.3:45Heaven's Open - Mike Oldfield
        6.4:22Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
        7.3:34Ballerina - Pink Cream 69
        8.3:30High Enough - Damn Yankees
        9.3:49All Together Now - The Farm
        10.4:23Keep On Running - The Real Milli Vanilli
        11.3:42I'm Not In Love - Will To Power
        12.3:38The First Time - Surface
        13.3:45Medley: Just A Gigolo - I Ain't Got Nobody - Louis Prima
        14.3:59A Matter Of Fact - Innocence
        15.3:59Because I Love You - Stevie B.
        16.3:15Listen To My Heartbeat - P.M. Sampson
        17.7:22Girls' Talk - Thomas Barquee